God Spousery, Spectrosexuality, and


A Sexological Exploration of Intimate Human-Spirit Relationships as Representing Forms of Sexual Orientations and Behaviors Deserving of Recognition, Understanding, and Acceptance.

Broad Categories of Intimate Human/Spirit Relations

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God Spousery

People who are commited to deities and other spirit partners may be found throughout history and in many cultures. Contemporary god spouses may be found in several religious, spiritual, and magical traditions. Some religions have even arisen due to an act of spirit-human sexual intercourse and the birth of a divine child. Christianity is one example. The “Holy Ghost” and a human woman named Mary conceived a “son of god” named Jesus.

The Annunciation, Simone Martini. Public Domain.


Clipped one-sheet for the film, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Spectrosexuality is word that encompasses a wide range of erotic experiences, behaviors, and desires involving human-spirit union, whether classed as “sacred” (tantra, western sex magic, or religious ecstasy of St. Teresa Ávila) or “profane” (a fetish for ghostly sex is classed as a paraphilia) plus all the legends of human-spirit sex and romance. And there are numerous contemporary accounts as well.


Intimate connections with deities, spirits, wights, demons, ghosts, and other noncorporeal beings may be emotionally intense and deeply transformative, however these encounters may or may not include erotic arousal and sexual connection. Some of these experiences are actively sought, some are spontaneous.

Spiritu-Intimacy is the umbrella term for a whole range of devotional, emotional, spiritual, passionate, purely sexual or purely asexual, bonding experiences with all manner of spirit beings.

Leda and the Swan, Henri-Paul Motte, 1900. Public Domain. (The swan is Zeus.)

While we might question the objective “reality” of emotionally intimate and/or erotic human-spirit relationships or encounters, there is no question that they are profoundly real to those who have experienced them.

Accounts of such experiences may be found in numerous religions and spiritual traditions. Though often accepted as mythic or mystic in a spiritual context, too often they are treated as delusional or pathological in a personal context.

This website explores spiritu-intimacy, spectrosexuality, and god spousing as legitimate expressions of human sexuality.

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