Spectro-Sexual Songs and Music Videos

This post will feature an ongoing collection of music videos and songs that suggest, feature, or depict romantic, erotic, and/or sexual encounters of humans with spirit beings such as ghosts, gods, deities, demons, fairies, vampires, elves, and other supernatural/preternatural beings.

Check back soon for more additions.

Lil Nas X, Montero (Call Me By Your Name). 2021. Category: Devils/Demons.

Joan Baez, Silkie. 1960s. The first supernatural love song I ever heard. Category: Selkies.

Nina Hagen, cover of Hold Me. 1989. The love interest is a “rock god” angel. Category: Angels.

Nina Hagen, Cosma Shiva. The song celebrates her newborn. It ends with the line “God is Your Father!” Category: Unspecified Gods.

Cruxshadows, 2018 Of Angels. 2018. Category: Angels.

Annie Lennox, Love Song for a Vampire. Category: Vampires.

The Pretty Reckless, Take Me Down. 2016. Category: Devils/Demons.

The Moulettes, That Devil of Mine. Category: Devils/Demons.

Erutan, The Willow Maid. 2013. Category: Nature Spirits

David Bowie, Look Back in Anger. Category: Angels.

Published by Amy R. Marsh, EdD.

Author of The Dire Deeds, first of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits queer urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels, published August, 2022. The Witching Work (2nd book) and The Queerest Quest (3rd book) are with the publisher. The Perilous Past, 4th book, is in progress. Also, clinical sexologist, sexuality counselor, hypnotist, and hypnosis instructor. Preferred name: Avnas Mars. Ze/zir.

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