Spectro-Sexual Songs and Music Videos

This post will feature an ongoing collection of music videos and songs that suggest, feature, or depict romantic, erotic, and/or sexual encounters of humans with spirit beings such as ghosts, gods, deities, demons, fairies, vampires, elves, and other supernatural/preternatural beings.

Check back soon for more additions.

Lil Nas X, Montero (Call Me By Your Name). 2021. Category: Devils/Demons.

Joan Baez, Silkie. 1960s. The first supernatural love song I ever heard. Category: Selkies.

Nina Hagen, cover of Hold Me. 1989. The love interest is a “rock god” angel. Category: Angels.

Nina Hagen, Cosma Shiva. The song celebrates her newborn. It ends with the line “God is Your Father!” Category: Unspecified Gods.

Cruxshadows, 2018 Of Angels. 2018. Category: Angels.

Annie Lennox, Love Song for a Vampire. Category: Vampires.

The Pretty Reckless, Take Me Down. 2016. Category: Devils/Demons.

The Moulettes, That Devil of Mine. Category: Devils/Demons.

Erutan, The Willow Maid. 2013. Category: Nature Spirits

David Bowie, Look Back in Anger. Category: Angels.

Published by Amy R. Marsh, EdD.

Author of The Guild of Ornamental Hermits fantasy/queer paranormal romance novels, available in 2022. Also, sexologist, researcher, hypnotist. Ze/zir. (Aka Avnas Mars)

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