Why This Website Exists

“What makes a man…turn belly up to off-brand voices in the sky?”

Michael Rossman, New Age Blues-On the Politics of Consciousness, 1979.

Sexological Statement

Sex with spirits, ghosts, and deities may seem “off brand,” but such experiences are probably as old as humanity. Unfortunately sexuality professionals have largely steered clear of considering them, even during the current vogue in “sacred sexuality” traditions that have been adapted from the East by Westerners.

Human sexual and asexual behavior is enormously varied. There are endless variations on partner choices, desires, sensory preferences, behaviors, relationship structures, and so on. Accounts of spiritu-intimacy (including spectrosexuality, god spousery, and other types of human-spirit unions) are found in legends, myths, fairy tales, spiritual traditions, and religions in many human cultures, throughout history.

This website is a clearinghouse. It has been created to (1) offer information, and sexological context to those in the general public who have experienced erotic or otherwise intimate encounters with noncorporeal beings, and (2) to offer a “101” guide to sexological clinicians and researchers, particularly for those who have clients who report erotic spirit interactions.

The context of this website is a bio/psycho/social/spiritual understanding of human intimacy, whether sexual, asexual, or non-erotic. We also include cultural, spiritual, religious, and historical references.

Dr. Gina Ogden’s pioneering “W-D Wheel–an integrated model for exploring desire and intimacy” may be a handy tool for clinicians who wish to assist their clients to integrate such experiences, without having to struggle with their own beliefs about the nature of reality. See 4-D Network for more information.

W-D Wheel (formerly known as ISIS Wheel) by Gina Ogden, Ph.D.

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