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Jason Miller’s Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies (Weiser, 2022) serves as a valuable and practical guide to seeking and nurturing various types of relationships with spirits and deities.

Spirit Marriage-Intimate Relationships with Otherworldly Beings, Megan Rose, Ph.D. Purchase through the book website. Watch Dr. Megan Rose’s interview with Brandy Williams regarding her research process and methodology for her book, which was originally done for her Ph.D. dissertation. Please also see this page on her website which corrects misperceptions and misconceptions that have been circulated about her work.


Spirit Marriage 101. This is a six-part, online course taught by Megan Rose, Ph.D. This is the first course offered by Rose’s Spirit Marriage School, designed as “a place for safe, supportive education about intimate relationships with Otherworldly beings.” The course is an excellent, erudite, practical, and deeply thoughtful examination of trans-cultural, trans-spiritual, historical, contemporary, and personal aspects of connecting with non-corporeal beings. Highly recommended. Dr. Rose’s book, Spirit Marriage – Intimate Relationships with Otherworldly Beings, will be in print by March, 2022.


Hufford, David. Dr. David Hufford: Sleep Paralysis, Spiritual Experiences, Empirical DataSpiritable 27. YouTube (Sept. 25, 2019).

Hufford, David. Combat Veterans and After Death Communications. NDE Video. YouTube (Dec. 3, 2016).

Marsh, Amy. Spectro-sexuality, Love’s Outer Limits, BlogTalk Radio (June 20, 2020).

Marsh, Amy. Sex and Magic. Love’s Outer Limits, BlogTalkRadio (Apr. 19, 2020).

Rose, Megan. Spirit Marriage with Dr. Megan Rose, Sixth Sense Society. (Feb. 15, 2022).

NEW! Rose, Megan; Caroline Kenner; Monica Moody; and Orion Foxwood. Spectrosexuality–When a Spirit is Your Spouse. Audacious with Chion Wolf, PBS. April 2, 2022.

Rose, Megan. Normalizing the Paranormal. YouTube (Sept. 5, 2021).

Rose, Megan. Animism and Re-enchantment. YouTube (Sept. 10, 2021).

Rose, Megan. Spirit Marriage. YouTube (Sept. 17, 2021).

Rose, Megan. Conscious Evolution and Cocreation. YouTube (Sept. 24, 2021).

Rose, Megan. The Divine Self. YouTube (Sept. 30, 2021).

Rose, Megan. Ecosexuality and Spirit Sex. YouTube (Oct. 7, 2021).


Green, Kyaza. “The Lokean Stigma,” A Polytheistic Life.

Joan, Nicole Eliza. Intimacy on This Side of the Veil. Researching Deity: A Wily Old Friend. Nov. 16, 2021.

Lokadís, Myriad Hallaug. Loki and Women. Weaving the Net. 3/25/2015.

Loptson, Dagulf. Loki Cult. [Dagulf is author of Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson and Loki Trickster and Transformer.]

Maestras, Silence. The Road, The Walker, and What Comes Next [Includes Virtual Temple to Loki Herself. Silence is author of Worshiping Loki audio & ebook.]

Silver-Wings, Adriana. Of Gods and Angels. [God spouse blog.]


Babb, Luke & Bat Collazo. Column: Godspouses, in Conversation – part one. The Wild Hunt, Dec. 11, 2021.

Babb, Luke & Bat Collazo. Godspouses, in Conversation – part two. The Wild Hunt, Dec. 12, 2021.

Camilla. “Consent & Boundaries in the Godspouse CommunityFoxglove & Fermitas, 2016.

Craddock, Ida.

Drake, Amber. “Godspousery LinksFire and Ink, 2014. [Links to 12 blogs, articles.]

Hufford, David. “About This Blog.” [Recounts story of Genevieve Foster, author of The World Was Flooded with Light: A Mystical Experience Remembered (1985)].

Lokakvan, Fjothr. “When They come courting: Spirit Marriage and Related Relationships Spirit Marriage and Godspousery in Lore, History, and Contemporary Practice.” Many Gods (conference), 2017.

God Spouses and Sex With the Divine.” Metal Gaia, 2014.

A Need of God-Spouses?Son of Hel, 2014.

Thenea. “An Outsider’s View of God-Spousery.” Magick From Scratch, 2014.


Tourjee, Diana. Sex with Demons was Totally Chill Until the Church Ruined It. Vice, July 21, 2017.


Spirit-Spouse. Lists several trans-cultural/spiritual practices of spirit marriage and intimacy.


Bhakti devotional poetry.

Lewis, Jone Johnson. Mirabai (Mira Bai), Bhakti Saint and Poet. Learn Religions. Updated Jan. 14, 2020.

Koovagam, Episode 2, The Wedding of Lord Aravan and The Hindu God of Transgenders [Women] – concerning the spirit marriages of trans women in India to the deity, Lord Aravan.


Baule or Baoulé people from Côte d’Ivoire, Africa 101 – Last Tribes. Quote from art section of the webpage: “Baule figures answer to two types of devotion: one depicts the “spiritual” spouse who, in order to be appeased, requires the creation of a shrine in the personal hut of the individual. A man will own his spouse, the blolo bian, and a woman her spouse, the blolo bla. The Baule believe that before they were born into the world they existed in a spirit world, where each one had a mate. Sometimes that spirit mate becomes jealous of their earthly mate and causes marital discord. When this happens, a figure depicting the other world spouse is carved and placated with earthly signs of attention.”

The Americas

Mariaj Lwa – Marriage to Lwa (aka Loa). A page from a Vodou practitioner’s website.

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