Desire. It’s All About Desire.

When we talk about “sexual (or relational) orientations,” we define them by who (or what) is the focus of desire. This is a shared, common concept in the U.S., other Western/industrial societies, and elsewhere. So when I state that “spectrosexuality is a sexual orientation,” this is what I mean. I mean that the desired oneContinue reading “Desire. It’s All About Desire.”

Outlier Sexualities and Media Treatment

“Outlier” sexualities, behaviors, and relationships are popular fodder for media commodification and/or sensationalism. Let’s examine the specific format used by broadcast media when featuring people who experience or represent a particular gender, sexual, or relationship diversity (GSRD). Television shows will frequently feature a guest who espouses a particular orientation, sexual practice, or type of relationshipContinue reading “Outlier Sexualities and Media Treatment”

Spectro-Sexual Songs and Music Videos

This post will feature an ongoing collection of music videos and songs that suggest, feature, or depict romantic, erotic, and/or sexual encounters of humans with spirit beings such as ghosts, gods, deities, demons, fairies, vampires, elves, and other supernatural/preternatural beings. Check back soon for more additions. Lil Nas X, Montero (Call Me By Your Name).Continue reading “Spectro-Sexual Songs and Music Videos”

Lessons From Objectum Sexuality

With the creation of this website, I come to the realization that my professional career as a sexologist is likely to be bookended by inquiry into two rather unusual sexual orientations: Objectum Sexuality (OS) and Spectrosexuality (aka Spiritu-Intimacy). How it started: As a newly minted sexologist (DHS, 2008) I stumbled onto a little known sexualContinue reading “Lessons From Objectum Sexuality”